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Airbrush make-up

Maquillaje de larga duración y acabado impecable, perfecto para bodas tanto en interiores como exteriores.

Airbrush Make-Up Benefits:

  • Get the most delicate flawless finish.  Acabado delicado e impecable.

  • Very hygienic, hands never touch face. Higiénico.
  • Minimizes the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Disminuye la apariencia de las líneas de expresión.
  • Light to maximum coverage. De mínima a máxima cobertura.
  • Gives the look of beautiful young skin. Luzca una piel más joven.
  • Feels like you don't have makeup on. Se siente liviano y fresco. 
  • The look of blemishes, age spots, redness, large pores and acne can be softened or appear to vanish. Reduce la apariencia de manchas, áreas rojas, acné, entre otros.
  • Exact foundation color match only possible through airbrush. Exacto color de su piel para una piel pareja y reluciente.
  • Lasts up to 15 hours. Duración de hasta 15 horas.


Airbrush Make-Up Ingredients:

Completely oil-free, water based, mineral based, fragrance free, talcfree, features vitamin E antioxidants, oil PCA (oil-free) based humectants to help leave the skin naturally moist. Detailed ingredients: purified water, minerals, glycerin, stearic acid,phenoxyethanol, butylenes glycol, potassium sorbate, disodium EDTAlecithin, o-cymen-5-ol, triethaolamine, glycerol sterate, peg-100, olive PCA.



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